20090109: Darkness


There are several common themes in the genres like Dark Ambient, Noise, Death metal, Industrial etc. You know them all: darkness, emptiness, death, depression etc. Far too often you get encountered with young men in long dark-colored hair making the sign of the horns, telling you that the music (Dark Ambient in this case) that Ahasverus is making is “soo dark”, “awesome” and “mean”. This reaction on music is so awefully tiresome.


The Ahasverus project is digging in the psyche of the human being, not boosting teenagers´ identity. I hope that the project in some way can make the people (the few ones listening) getting closer to themselves, take the journey and come out on the other side as more humans than before. An apporach to psychological development that takes a starting point in the exterior facade of the individual will hopefully get somewhere after years of lost orientation. But I wouldn´t support that view.


Instead of trying to find the most “dark” music – telling your friends about the abyss that is awaiting them on that very specific website, or cd, or dvd – explore the hidden depths of literature and art. Believe me, you will find so much more human blood in works by Bergman, Goethe and Schiller, than on the average dark ambient scene.

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