20060818: One year later


One year has passed since I regged this domain and put up my site. It feels like yesterday and still a lot of things have happened. Most noteworthy must be the releases of the CD-rs “Ten is the number” and “Evocation”. I like them both a lot, but as usually I have an abhorrent feeling about everything I have created in at least a year, so we will see next year at the same time if I can listen to it at all (everything points in that general direction though!).

Looking back I seem to have been fairly productive this year, especially in the spring. Exept for the albums mentioned above I also released the album “The Great Attractor” and the EP “Cave Songs” in my own name. I have involved in several cooperations and trades, and I have put up a site at MySpace (like everybody else). Besides this I have had a daughter born in March and passed by three employers during the year. I have also picked up parts of my lute playing again.

All in all it has been a great year, and I have made a lot of new friends and acquaintances, which I am happy for.

So what will happen during the next year? I think I will try to refine the styles I am working with a bit. Since my “excavation” in Dark Ambient and other subcultural genres last year I think I know what I like and what I dislike in the respective genres. I hope it will broaden my electroacoustic composition work as well – or rather: I am quiet convinced that it will. During the autumn I will be a home husband taking care of my 6 month baby. I hope there will be at least some time for music, but I am not sure. Usually I have a change of direction twice a year. This year the change occurred during the summer, in direction towards medieval reenactment, and I think there will be some time until I make another release.

But – as they say – you should never say never…


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