20060115: Ten is the number


The last months has been spent in front of my CD player. I´ve been deep down digging into the dark wave/industrial/dark ambient genres, which are all rather new to me. Approaching all these music I didn´t know where there were both inspiring and threatening, and started a creative process. It all ended up as a new album, that I call “Ten is the number”.


Coming from the electro-acoustic scene, where most people have a background in the classical field which is not very open minded, particularly not when it comes to “lesser” genres as the ones mentioned above, I had to cross several personal borders to really open my ears. (But I still have problems with obvious synthetic sounds and strings of etherical athmospheres).


“Ten is the number” is a recycling of some sounds from a composition I made at Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) in Stockholm during the autumn. Actually a friend told me she would like to hear more of all these sounds and that she felt that they ended just as they had started.

The release will be a CDr in about 100 copies. I think it is worth it! You find a sample from the CD here (Three mothers, track 2, mp3, 128 kbit).


Buy the cd here!

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